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Bound Jocks

Sean Duran and Brian Bonds

Sean forces Brian’s bubble butt up in the air so he can penetrate!…… Bound Jocks says: Sean Duran pushes the jock down and forces Brian Bonds’s bubble butt up in the air so he can penetrate the bottom jock’s tight hole. See Sean Duran and Brian Bonds fucking exposed here! See Sean Duran and Brian […]

Bound Jocks

Leo Forte

Leo’s bondage escape challenge! Bound Jocks says: Bound jock Leo Forte a bondage escape challenge. How long will it take him to escape from our hogtie? Being the escape artist that he is, it turns out not very long at all. He turns, twists, and contorts his body until he has loosens every knot and […]

Bound Jocks

Bound Jocks – Dirk Caber rams his rock hard cock into Dean Monroe’s eager hole

After a hard pounding coach Dirk Caber rewards Dean Monroe with a creamy load! Bound Jocks says: Coach Dirk Caber is training his boy Dean Monroe how to be the perfect jock and that all starts with some personal attention to the coach’s cock. See Dirk Caber and Dean Monroe fucking at Bound Jocks! After […]

Bound Jocks

Christopher Daniels and Dirk Caber

Dirk strokes Chris’s cock then the punishment begins! Bound Jocks says: Dirk Caber ties up Christopher Daniels cock and balls and cinches them down to the spreader bar and begins to stroke his boy’s cock. See Christopher Daniels and Dirk Caber fully exposed here!

Bound Jocks

Bound Jocks: Alex Andrews and Hayden Michaels

Hayden Michaels finds himself tied down to a weight bench with his knees spread wide open and mouth gagged. Blonde haired Alex Andrews takes great pleasure in Hayden’s helpless predicament. Alex taunts and teases his victim and forces him to suck his raging boner. It may not be the training they need, but they both […]

Bound Jocks

Bound Jocks – AJ Irons unties Johnny Lawless’ legs, throws them over his shoulders and fucks his ass

A.J. and Johnny’s sensual bondage fuck! Bound Jocks says: Johnny Lawless is tied spread-eagle to a metal bed frame when AJ Irons enters the room. A.J. strokes and teases the helpless bound jock on the bed making him rock-hard. AJ unties Johnny’s legs and throws them into the air so he can plow Johnny like […]

Bound Jocks

Bondage hogtied and ball-gagged Dominic Pacifico jerks himself free

Eventually Dominico makes himself shoot a gushing load by jerking the ropes! Bound Jocks says: Dominic Pacifico is helplessly hogtied and ball-gagged on the floor. He rolls around struggling to get free, but every time he moves, his legs yank on the rope connected to his balls. Get Dominic Pacifico bondage hogtied video now at […]

Bound Jocks

Bound Jocks: Tony Hunter and Sebastian Keys

Tweet Tony Hunter wearing Yellow Pigskin Jock yellow Hook’d Up Nasty Pig Sport socks and is bound on all fours with a jock muzzle like a dog on a hand truck and wheeled out by Sebastian Keys who sports a Black Pigskin Jock. Sebastian takes this opportunity to spank Tony’s ass, tie his balls to […]

Bound Jocks

Knotty Brent abuses bound and gagged Marc Dylan

Marc sucks Knotty’s huge cock through his helmet!…… Bound Jocks says: Bound and gagged, muscle jock Marc Dylan is tied up in his football uniform. His head is tied to his helmet so he can’t move it from side to side. Knotty Brent seizes the opportunity to make Marc suck his giant dick through the […]

Bound Jocks

Connor Patricks and Max Cameron

Max makes sexy bound jock Connor suck his dick! Bound Jocks says: Bound jock Connor Patricks is bound to the weight bench with his bubble butt sticking up in the air. Max Cameron enters the room and makes the bound jock suck his dick until it is nice and wet with pre-cum. See Connor Patricks […]

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