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Boy Crush

Young teen boy Dylan Mermaid probes his tight boy hole with a big dildo

Dylan Mermaid strokes his big dick till he spurts loads of hot boy cum!…… Boy Crush says: Right now, as you’re reading this, loads of young men just like Dylan Mermaid are stroking the cum from their cock in their bedroom, but how many are fucking themselves in the ass with a big dildo”. Check […]

Boy Crush

Jasper Robinson hard and horny in the shower

Young boy Jasper Robinson jerks his huge twink dick!…… Boy Crush says: Jasper Robinson’s already hard and horny before he even gets into the shower for a solo play. session. See Jasper Robinson hard and horny in the shower here! See Jasper Robinson hard and horny in the shower here! All the Boy Crush updates […]

Boy Crush

Bryce Christiansen’s huge twink dick slides between sweet young teenboy Kyle Rhodes’ hot ass cheeks

With Bryce Christiansen’s wet dick sliding back into Kyle Rhodes’ warm hole the training is complete!…… Boy Crush says: Sweet young blond boy Kyle Rhodes has been out hunting and caught a real prize. Back at the hotel he releases his new PokeTwink, Bryce Christiansen, eager to be there and ready to train. It seems […]

Boy Crush

Boy Crush: Josh Bensan midwest baptist, go-go dancer and now pornstar, way to go!

Gorgeous young pup!….. Boy Crush says: Josh Bensan was raised as a baptist midwestern boy but now he’s go-go dancing in LA when he’s not busy with porn! Somehow he manages to squeeze in an interest in musical theatre, too. Josh says he’s more of a top but he, “can bottom when [he has] to […]

Boy Crush

Young nude boy Nick Simpson jerks out a full cum load

Nick Simpson gets a thick dildo stuffed in his tight boy hole!…… Boy Crush says: Nick Simpson’s been keeping busy doing his own thing around Phoenix, but we finally got him back for a solo. He’s enjoying his new hair cut and colour, and so are we (it’s hot when a boy feels good about […]

Boy Crush

Hot naked boy Colby Klein and Elijah West fucking

Bareback cock lover Colby takes Elijah’s raw cock!…… Boy Crush says: Colby Klein looks so innocent and geeky, but he’s a rampant bareback cock lover. See hot naked boy Colby Klein and Elijah West fucking here! See hot naked boy Colby Klein and Elijah West fucking here! All the Boy Crush updates right here!

Boy Crush

Boy Crush 18 year old Cameron Hilander jerks his huge boy dick

Cameron Hilander’s a very confident young man too with a very big cock!…… Boy Crush says: Cameron Hilander is an interesting young man. He’s only just 18 but he knows what he wants. He’s a very confident young man too, we can’t wait to see him putting his skills to the test and showing us […]

Boy Crush

Hot young nude teen boy Cameron Hilander jerks his 8 inch dick

Cameron Hilander slides a wet sex toy deep into his perfect boy hole!…… Boy Crush says: If there’s one thing every boy knows how to do well with expert skill by the time he’s 19 it’s making his cock splash cum. Cameron Hilander is an experienced masturbator, not that he needs to be with his […]

Boy Crush

Young Boy Crush stud Jasper King jerks his big twink dick

Jasper King slides a long dildo into his hole and fucks himself until his cum explodes!…… Boy Crush says: We have another star in the making with handsome new boy Jasper King. He’s so good looking we already know he’s about to become one of the most popular boys. We find out a lot about […]

Boy Crush

18-year-old Kyler Rex jerks his 7.5 inch dick to a massive load of hot boy cum

Hot young boy Kyler Rex gets his very big cock out jerking out his cock juice!…… Boy Crush says: 18-year-old Kyler Rex is a typical teenager in some respects. He enjoys hanging out with his friends and loves going to theme parks, riding all the scariest roller coasters. He likes fit guys and doesn’t care […]

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