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Deviant Otter

Devin Totter gets his ass fucked by hot new hairy hunk Jake

I decided to ride his big dick and it reminded me that I really like a cock up my ass!…… Deviant Otter says: As much as I love rough, mean faced sex, I also think its really hot when a guy is wicked smiley and doesn’t take things so seriously, like my new bud, Jake. […]

Deviant Otter

Deviant Otter Puppy Love

My boyfriend in Love!……. Deviant Otter says: My boyfriend and I have been together now for a year and a half now and loving each other more and more every day. Lots of guys ask me about how our relationship works because I do porn and he has a professional day job, and my response […]

Deviant Otter

Deviant Otter will greet you or wake you up with at least a BJ

I’m always like, wow that’s a really fat fuckin’ cock and it must go in my mouth immediately!…… Deviant Otter says: The only sleeping I really did was before my buddy got off work at the club. He’s a great house guest, most times he will greet you or wake you up with at least […]

Deviant Otter

Deviant Otter Bareback Anal Only

Sometimes I just want to fuck an asshole raw and cum!…… Deviant Otter says: I’m so happy to welcome this guy back to the site. Cam was one of the first guys I shot with when I first launched my site, but back then I used condoms before PrEP was a thing, so needless to […]

Deviant Otter

Renting his hole with Devin Totter

Devin Totter buys a rentboy’s hole and fucks both his holes to two orgasms!…… Deviant Otter says: As you are all aware, I’m always looking for guys who want to fuck on camera from the slut apps. Usually I just meet average Joes and guys next door who want to try porn, but it’s rare […]

Deviant Otter

Deviant Otter a gay porn star I’ve always wanted to fuck

I could have sucked his uncut hog all day I cannot express how much I love uncut dick!….. Deviant Otter says: I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I get a little anxious before a hookup, especially when its with a porn star I’ve always wanted to fuck. Usually up until we’re about to […]

Deviant Otter

Deviant Otter retraining my ass hole

I’m attempting to get my hole back into tip-top shape!…… Deviant Otter says: I am so fucking tired of construction. I don’t mind some of the eye candy, but it’s a huge cock block! I’ve had to cancel so many dudes coming over because of workers showing up unexpectedly. And I’m horniest in the mornings […]

Deviant Otter

Deviant Otter tattooed skater boy with a fat nine inch cock

Daddy and skater boy fuck off!…. Deviant Otter says: I’m always so thrilled when guys break out of their comfort zone and let me film their hookup. I had been chatting with this daddy-type guy for a while (who reminds me of my real father, woof) but have never been able to meet. Well, the […]

Deviant Otter

Deviant Otter gangbang buddies

After I busted my nut in him, the other guys in the house, my bud Owen and my boyfriend, needed to get their nuts off too!…… Deviant Otter says: So thank the porn gods of technology because I thought this wasn’t even recorded! Per usual I had a few drinks before turning on the camera […]

Deviant Otter

Deviant Otter Cum Starved

I really want to know what a guy’s load up my ass feels like!…… Deviant Otter says: How a hetero guy wakes up one day and all of the sudden starts to think, “I really want to know what a guy’s load up my ass feels like,” is beyond me, but damn am I glad […]

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