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Falcon Studios

Sebastian Kross delivers his muscle cum load directly to Gabriel Cross’ deep throat

Sebastian Kross fucks Gabriel Cross’ tight asshole with his huge cock!…… Falcon Studios says: Sebastian Kross is showing off his hard earned physique to gym-buffed Gabriel Cross. Hands roam as they kiss, and cocks leap to erection in the confines of their jock straps. Gabriel zeroes in on Sebastian’s pits with broad, sweeping strokes of […]

Falcon Studios

Paddy O’Brian and Marc Dylan both with shaved chest hair so sexy

2012 top gay porn stars fuck! Falcon Studios says: Paddy O’Brian (who started out at English lads) is classic, a macho stud who’s ruggedly handsome, fearsomely built and breathtakingly hung, a gigantic helmet head crowns a thick cock that’s solid steel. Get Paddy O’Brian and Marc Dylan video at Falcon Studios! No less than voluptuous, […]

Falcon Studios

Johnny Ryder ass fucksTanner Wayne all the way home

Tanner unwraps the growing package that’s under Johnny’s jeans! Falcon Studios says: Johnny Ryder comes down the stairs to greet his statuesque man, Tanner Wayne. Tanner is tired after a long day out and about. He has in mind a passionate make out session to help him wind down. Get Johnny Ryder ass fucks Tanner […]

Falcon Studios

Mike De Marko and Nikko Russo

Nikko licks Mike’s hairy ass hole!…… Falcon Studios says: Nikko Russo, smooth and muscled, slaps his dick on Mike De Marko’s face, stretching ropes of saliva and precum across Mike’s lips. He cups Mike’s balls and services his cock, but before long Nikko’s interest has moved to Mike’s hairy hole. See Mike De Marko and […]

Falcon Studios

Paddy O’Brian and Jimmy Fanz

Paddy blows an earthquake orgasm, leaving a prize of thick white cum! Falcon Studios says: A pair of pretty stunning Falcon Exclusives take a thrilling tumble when Paddy O’Brian gives his dominating cock to dazzling newcomer Jimmy Fanz. Get Paddy O’Brian and Jimmy Fanz video at Falcon Studios! Jimmy’s a happy-go-lucky hottie, who takes a […]

Falcon Studios

Sexy gay porn star Ryan Rose fucks Rylan Knox’s tight muscle asshole

Ryan slams him flat onto the blankets and pile-drives until he blows his wad!…… Falcon Studios says: Rylan Knox is giving Ryan Rose a lap dance out by the pool, and Ryan’s hands are already squeezing Rylan’s taut ass beneath his swimsuit. Rylan turns around and swallows Ryan’s massive member for an epic blowjob that […]

Falcon Studios

Adrian Hart and Landon Conrad

Adrian slides forward to straddle Landon’s hips! Falcon Studios says: Adrian Hart slips a tongue in Landon Conrad’s mouth to offer Landon him a taste of himself, then he slides forward to straddle Landon’s hips. Adrian sucks Landon clean and goes up for a final wet kiss with Landon. See Adrian Hart and Landon Conrad […]

Falcon Studios

Connor Maguire and Darius Ferdynand

Connor & Lance lift Darius onto Ryan’s waiting cock! Falcon Studios says: The heat ratchets up when Connor Maguire and Lance Luciano lift Darius Ferdynand bodily and lower his hole onto Ryan Rose’s waiting cock. With one guy squeezing his nuts and another squeezing his nipples, Ryan’s cum shot flies across the room. See Connor […]

Falcon Studios

Topher DiMaggio and Sean Zevran fucking

Topher tongues Sean’s muscular ass and rubs his cock along the crack!…… Falcon Studios says: Topher DiMaggio strips, and a hawk circles as his magnificent body comes into view, one discarded item of clothing at a time. He slides into the hot tub. Sean Zevran got a hawk’s-eye look at Topher too, and it’s got […]

Falcon Studios

Connor Maguire and Adrian Hart

Connor buries his cock deep inside Adrian’s tight hole! Falcon Studios says: The naked bodies of Connor Maguire and Adrian Hart are on full display, Connor is sitting on the pool table as Adrian hungrily swallows his cock. See Connor Maguire and Adrian Hart fucking here!   See Connor Maguire and Adrian Hart fucking here! […]

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