Paragon Men – Naughty Nito

Paragon Men says: Naughty Nito recently had sex underwater with an oxygen tank. Well, he didn’t fuck the oxygen tank, but he did suck it. The next feat of Houdini-esque sex he’d like to perform? In the office elevator, hitting the emergency stop button and going to town! Boring? Not Nito. Boring is for people who are dead inside!

This sensual Colombian loves to entertain and by that we mean he is responsible for a LOT of spilled sperm in our PH. He’s also been known to drop trou for “private collectors” who get him hung – on the wall like prized big game. Stuffed, they wish!

While it’s true you can pick some models brains to experience the anti-gravity of outer space, Nito’s got smarts to complement his uncut monster. All pistons are firing! He’s hitting the books for a post-graduate degree and ultimately plans to use his powers for good – to help those less fortunate (c’mon, narrow it down!)

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  1. Paragon Men – Naughty Nito: Nico is responsible for a LOT of spilled sperm!….. Paragon Men says: Naughty Nito…

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