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Connor Maguire and Connor Kline

Hot jocks locker room fuck! Hothouse says: Connor Kline’s pretty sure that once Connor Maguire sees his giant cock he won’t be able to resist and he’s right. Maguire pushes Kline up against the lockers and worships every inch of his muscular body with his hot mouth. Maguire works his way down Kline’s chest and […]


Connor Maguire and Connor Kline

Kline sucks Maguire’s dick like a pro! Helix says: Connor Kline sucks Connor Maguire’s dick like a pro and after getting his sweet cock nice and hard Maguire pounds the rebel with his giant man meat. See Connor Maguire and Connor Kline fucking here!


Connor Kline and Mike De Marko

Connor & Tom fuck Mike’s hole! says: Horny Connor Kline and Mike De Marko waste no time getting Tom Faulk’s towel off and before long both Connor & Tom are fucking Mike’s hole. See Connor Kline and Mike De Marko fucking here!


Connor Kline and Leo Domenico

Connor unloads then Leo’s huge stream of cum fires across the exam room! Hothouse says: While he’s lying back on the exam table getting serviced Connor Kline reaches into the nurses scrubs and pulls out Leo Domenico’s thick cock. Connor pulls out first to blow his load followed by the Domenico, who stands up and […]


Andrew Stark and Connor Kline

Hot and horny cops in uniform – fucking! says: Andrew Stark and Connor Kline are in a new class of police recruits. While studying for an exam they can’t help but get hot and horny because of how fucking hot they both look in the uniform. A bit of sexually charged foreplay leads to […]


Connor Kline and Lance Luciano

Boxer Lance punches above his weight! Hothouse says: Connor Kline knows exactly what he’s doing when he’s screaming at Lance Luciano to hit the punching bag ‘harder’. See Connor Kline and Lance Luciano fucking here!


Tom Faulk and Travis James

Tom helps Travis by fucking him better! says: Connor Kline leaves his boyfriend, Travis James behind as he sets off for military duty. When Travis receives a call that Connor been hurt, he follows the advice of a friend and goes to the gym to keep his mind of his devastation. At the gym, […]


Rocco Reed and Johnny Ryder

Police Academy recruits fuck orgy! says: Over at the Police Academy Liam Magnuson has a boner because Connor Kline & Johnny Ryder are simulating a fight. Trainer Rocco Reed calls Liam out and suggests they go around together. Before long everyone is hard, naked and fucking. See Rocco Reed and Johnny Ryder fucking here!

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