Erik Finnegan and Patrik Ekberg

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The fuckers take turns to relentlessly pierce Erik. Finally, the two have had enough and leave Erik with cum all over his back. Meanwhile, Erik’s new lover Patrik Ekberg is found with a bald pig who dutifully licks his cock.
Erik comes to and wants to leave but Patrik is unfazed and just keeps shoving his cock into the mouth of the guy kneeling before him until he finally squirts on his six-pack.

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Briley Hall

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He’s been turning heads all over the place since he first got his kit off at FitYoungMen at just 18 years old. Since then Briley has grown into a strapping young man, with a definite air of confident about him.
When he strips he shows that he still has great abs, but his chest and lats are bigger, he has an enviable physique. Briley wanks off for us, he has a thick uncut cock and big balls, and he wanks his cock hard, tensing his body as he brings himself to orgasm, and unloading all over himself.

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