Dirty Scout 55

Dirty Scout says: This guy looked a bit eccentric. He barged into my office without knocking. Judging by his appearance, he looked like he came straight from a party. But I couldn’t smell alcohol so it was okay. He was from a poor part of Moravia and moved to Prague to find a better job than working long shifts in a machinery factory.
He wanted something easy and nicely paid. I had a job like that for him, contract was ready to sign. But as usual, there was a problem. His wallet was empty and my balls full. He agreed and I honestly think he enjoyed it, at first.
Or at least he didn’t mind it that much. Then I started working on his ass. I was starved for nice tight ass, so I fucked him little harder than usual. And then I tore his pretty virgin ass apart… Thank God he just took the money and left.

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