Patrick West’s big uncut cock rises up into a very stiff erection

English Lads says: Patrick West is a young man who plays football and goes a lot to the gym and as a result has one of those ripped bodies with nice size muscles and the odd tattoo. He has started to enjoy showing off his body, as he strips and steps out of his boxers, his uncut cock rises up into a very stiff erection.

One of those cocks that can’t move once he is hard, since it’s just solid. Patrick enjoys showing off his body, is pretty hair free, only a little on his legs and hardly any round his hole.

After showing off his body he lies back and pumps his cock real hard and gushes a nice load of cum over his abs. Great job Patrick, you wank as well as you sing. Read the full story here

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Sneak Peek Josh Hesketh first man on man sex with Cameron Donald


English Lads says: Josh Hesketh is one of these young straight blond lads who you just can’t predict, he comes across as a straight lad a bit short of money, but he won’t be pushed too far.

When he arrived he was really nervous and wasn’t sure he wanted to get a massage; we got going and he started tense and got giggles as he is ticklish; as the massage went on he started to relax as his cock was in Cameron Donald’s hand.

It started to get hard and Josh came along for the journey. Before long he is on all fours in the perfect doggie position with his hair free hole on view getting a great wank. Read the full story here

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Hot straight guy Tyler Hirst massages and sucks Jasper Hale’s big uncut cock

English Lads says: Straight lad Jasper Hale is back for some playing and today he is taken on quite the journey with Tyler. Not only does Jasper get his first man wank, but Tyler Hirst pushes him and gives him a great blow job.

Jasper doesn’t seem to mind and his cock gets lovely and hard and doesn’t seem to go soft at all in the shoot. Jasper then is bent over and Tyler pulls his cheeks apart so his hole gets a right good showing and spanking.

After all this playing Jasper lies back and shoots a nice load of cum over himself, squirt after squirt. Did someone enjoy themselves. Read the full story here

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Ex straight boxers Logan Brown and Jack Montague first time man wank until both lads spew their balls all over themselves

English Lads says: Young, muscular stud Logan Brown returns this week and is in for a treat as he wanks another man for the first time, and it’s straight lad Jack Montague who he gets to play with.

The hot duo have fun taking off the other’s clothes and, as both used to box, they have a playful fight together.

After exploring each other’s muscles and naked, Jack takes the lead and pumps Logan’s uncut cock until Logan returns the favor. Read the full story here

Straight ripped dude Otto Davies wanks his huge uncut cock to a massive orgasm of hot boy cum

English Lads says: Otto Davies is a straight guy, tall and handsome, with a great body, he kind of likes the idea that people get off while watching him, which is a great start to the shoot.

He’s got amazing abs, which he reveals for us, then strips off to his underwear ready to get his first massage and manhandling from a guy.

We start by massaging his backs and legs and slowly pull down his pants showing his pert bum. Read the full story here

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Sneak Peek Jack Windsor and Max Henderson mutual wanking and big uncut dick sucking

English Lads says: Max Henderson came on quite a journey in this, only his second shoot. Today he has Jack Windsor to deal with and his boundaries certainly get tested as Jack is soon looking into Max’s boxers and making jokes. Boxers off Jack is down blowing Max and after getting Max very aroused he challenges him to play with his cock.
Before you know it Max is wanking off Jack and its not long before he has Jack in his mouth! Max comes on a great journey, letting Jack wank and suck him and then returning the favor. Don’t you love it when straight men just have fun, knowing they are straight, but happy on camera to take us on a journey.
After loads of mutual wanking and sucking and bum shows they both lie back and unload cum on their abs. Well done Max that was quite a step up.

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Sneak Peek Ben Thompson and Jaden Hicks


English Lads says: Ben Thompson and Jaden Hicks have been on a real journey with us. Real life best mates, they’ve been pushed to doing stuff together than I’m sure they never originally dreamt of.
Both lads are really fit, lean and muscular, and both very handsome. They strip off for us and show us their bodies. Jaden is a little taller than Ben, with dark hair. Ben is very blonde, and has a lovely pert little bum, which Jaden playfully slaps.
After both getting their kit off and sucking each other, they have a quick sword fight with their hard cocks, before getting on to the bed for some real action.
Jaden gently lubes up Ben’s hole, and fucks him from underneath and above, before both lads sit back and shoot on themselves. Very hot shoot.

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Note: Sneak preview of latest English lads updates. Only a few low res photos (for now) to give you a taster we will post the full set when they are released by English Lads.

See Ben Thompson and Jaden Hicks fully exposed here!

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Read the full story here

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Hottie young English stud Alfie Payne jerks his huge uncut cock with a little help from two straight friends

English Lads says: Alfie Payne is a tall, athletic and handsome footballer with muscular legs, defined abs and fuzzy blond body hair.

Alfie does a great job of showing off his body and does a little mini work out for us before his two footballer friends join him to help him strips out of his clothes.

Alfie then starts playing with his uncut cock until he gets rock hard and he pumps his massive erections nicely. Read the full story here

Once he gets naked Brendan Howard wanks his huge uncut cock to a massive load of hot boy cum

English Lads says: Brendan Howard is good friends with fellow model Casey Lee and both lads have discovered they enjoy showing off on camera. Both have great physiques and work out together and it’s not uncommon for them to fuck girls together.

Today Brendan shows us his ripped body, he is a pretty good boxer and his body is so solid and ripped, every bit is rock hard.

Once he is naked he loves playing with his uncut cock, in fact he can’t leave it alone and he has one of those great uncut willies that goes from normal size to a real big long and fat cock that you can’t help admire. Read the full story here

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Sneak Peek English Lads straight young naked men Aaron Janes and Harry Long jerk off together


English Lads says: We have been on a teasy journey with Aaron Janes, who first modeled for us when he was 18, now at 22 and after a few solo shoot he agreed to do a shoot next to another lad, Harry Long, and what a great pair of blonds. So what do you do when you have two straight young blond men.
Well you strip them both down, admire their uncut cocks, have them wank til they are hard and get them to do the only game you can play where there isn’t contact; a sword fight. Well there is quite a lot of contact as both lads can’t believe they are doing, but judging by their hard uncut cocks they don’t seem to mind.
Harry and Aaron do a great job showing off their bodies, some great hole shots, Aaron is getting a hairy chest and check out Harry’s real hairy legs. After some great jerking together Aaron lies back and explodes a very big load of cum on his abs and chest, wow, he was excited and about 2 minutes later.
Harry dumps his cum. Thank you Aaron.

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