Czech Hunter 159

czechhunter  Czech Hunter 159

CzechHunter says: What happened to me today was just awesome. Amongst the things which I love the most is certainly a threesome.

But I had to watch my own movie this time to recall how I managed to get these two young lads into my little dirty project. First I’ve met this guy at the metro station. Read the full story here

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Czech Hunter 266

CzechHunter says: In front of a hospital I almost bumped into a guy looking at his cellphone. He had a bandaged arm, which looked like a nice conversation opener. It turned out that he got injured in the warehouse where he worked. In the Czech Republic you don’t get sickness benefits for the first three days of the sick leave.
Which can be very difficult for some people. Fillip, that was the boy’s name, was more than happy to show me some skin to compensate for the lost money. His beautiful chest was worth much more than 500 I paid him. I could say he wasn’t gay, he went through a break-up some time ago, so I had to thread carefully.
Was this sweet and innocent angel greedy enough to get really dirty?

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Czech Hunter 168

CzechHunter says: I met an absolutely amazing young man in the metro. Took a ride with him, he didn’t mind me to tag along. We talked about modeling and part time jobs, about a need for cash.
All the conversation was going right direction. By the time we got off a subway I knew he is in game. Took a bus to his place, during the ride he already jerked me off, which was amazing until we got interrupted.
But soon enough we have been at his place, to put it right, in his garage where he had a sofa. So in there I felt cozy and been getting horny as hell.
Just had to find the right prize to offer him. I wish all the straight boys would be this open minded and cool about our little project.
He sucked me like a pro and I couldn’t wait longer to fuck him and cum all over his beautiful face.

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Czech Hunter 291

CzechHunter says: I’ve always wanted to try racing karts. It looked really cool on Youtube so I went to one of the indoor tracks that can be found in Prague. I brought my camera and my equipment with me. I just wanted to be prepared for everything.

The karts looked actually a bit dangerous, I definitely didn’t want to risk my camera by driving one. So I just sat down and watched. It was a good idea, young people love karts, apparently. I just had to wait for the right guy. One showed up. Read the full story here

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Czech Hunter 237

CzechHunter says: Another night, another try. Today I spotted a boy at the bus stop, his clothes got my attention. He looked a bit tired and seemed to prevent do be a rapper or a gangster with loads of necklaces and so on.
I wasn’t a hundred percent sure whether it was good idea to approach him but then again I felt save as there were so many people around. And well, when I started to talk to him he appeared rather friendly than dangerous.
We talked about the normal stuff to get the ice broken but I know that his time wasn’t endless as he was waiting for a bus. So I had to finally start to tell him about my fantasies and my offer.
His reaction was funny. He seemed not to be sure wether I was kidding him or serious. I showed him the money after that it got damn serious.

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