Drake Jaden and CJ Parker


Cocksure Men says: Hairy hunks CJ Parker goes straight to work, deep throating Drake Jaden’s big dick. CJ’s tongue finds its way down to Drakes ass. He licks and gets it ready for his huge erect dick. Drake clenches the pillow as CJ relentlessly slams his cock deep into Drake’s tight muscle man hole.

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21 year old Price jerks his thick dick to a huge cum explosion


Spunk Worthy says: 21 year old Price is a proud Midwestern boy who loves to hunt, fish, and all those good things. He managed to find his way out to San Diego for “work.” If the haircut doesn’t give away what line of work he’s in, I’ll let you think about it for a sec.
Price had always thought about doing porn, and one random night decided to start poking around online to see if he could find a way to do it. Him, along with a buddy. Or two. They all submitted applications together, so we might be seeing some of them down the road, too.
It was hard not to notice how tall Price is when we first met up, he towers over everyone, standing at 6’5″. When we started shooting photos, I asked what girls usually picked out as his main feature. I figured it might be his height or his big brown eyes. He took on a bit of a coy smile when I asked.
“Actually, they usually comment on my dick. They like how thick it is.”
Normally, I might have taken this as a bit of vanity. But once his clothes were piled on the floor and Price had worked his cock up, I could understand why it was so memorable. You can bet that the ol’ measuring tape came out for this one and, yep, it’s a solid 6 inches around and just about 8 inches long.
Price seems like a bit of a wild one and an instigator (hence getting his buddies on board to do porn with him.) He told a story about being on a high school swim team trip when he and three of his teammates did a jerk-off race together in the back of a bus while some girls cheered them on. He didn’t win the race, but that didn’t seem to phase him. Just that he’d participated, or, more likely, that he’d started the whole thing off in the first place!
For his porn debut, Price really wanted to make sure he did an extra good job so he held off from masturbating for 5 whole days. He even had gone out the night before, met a girl, and told her he couldn’t have sex because he had a porn shoot the next day. Now, that’s dedication.
And it seemed to pay off. The pool of cum that Price shot out onto his stomach was pretty impressive.

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Jake Jennings fucks hot young asshole Tyler Rush


Cock Virgins says: Tyler Rush has been getting picked on all week at school and now some of the boys have gone so far that they slipped a note into his locker which read FAG. Tyler is hurt and disturbed by it and the only place he can turn to is his teacher Mr. Jake Jennings.

Right away Jake can tell something is bothering Tyler and after a few minutes Tyler opens up to him and tells him about the boys who are making his life hell. Jake comforts him with hugs and words of wisdom but once they lock eyes Tyler’s emotions get the best of him and he moves in to kiss his teacher.

Jake backs up for a moment but then can’t help himself and they begin to make out passionately up against his desk. Jake gets down on his knees and starts sucking on that young cock in hopes that he feels better. Read the full story here

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David Vano

gayhoopla  David Vano

Gay Hoopla says: Professional fighter David Vano shows off his incredible kick boxing and boxing skills. This is definitely the guy you want on your team in a scuffle.

What we like most about David is how pure and soulful he is. He’s a very well thought out individual, who feels one with the earth. Check this mystique stud bare all and give you direct access to his mind and body.

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Brian Bonds slides his huge cock through the glory hole into Alessio Romero’s eager mouth


Men Over 30 says: Brian Bonds is in the gym bathroom taking selfies and filming himself play with his hard cock while waiting for someone to come up to the glory hole. He’s having a great time in the bathroom stall while waiting for another gym patron to take a peak in the hole.

Alessio Romero comes walking in to wash his hands and notices the glory hole. He walks up to it and sees Brain filming himself stroking his dick. Alessio is extremely curious and Brian can see Alessio’s eyes looking up at him through the glory hole.

Alessio waves the hard dick over and Brian slides it right through the hole into Alessio’s eager mouth. Brian pumps his mouth hard giving Alessio what he wants. Alessio finally calls Brian out from the stall. The two are face to face now and Alessio drops back down to his knees to finish what he started. Read the full story here

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Athletic muscular men Brandon Cody and Brandon Evans bareback ass fucking

Men.com says: Brandon Cody and Brandon Evans are two athletic, muscular men that share the same name and the same fondness for some hot, bareback sex.

Watch as they get real close and personal and prove that two Brandons are better than one.

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Colby Tucker’s hot bubble ass takes the full length of Papi Suave’s huge 9 inch cock

Icon Male says: Male nurse Colby Tucker is taking care of his not so cooperative patient, Papi Suave.

The 2 men tussle over taking medication and soon their tussle turns into grab ass.

Before you know it, Papi is ramming his huge 9 inches Dow Colby’s throat and up his tight ass. Read the full story here

Spunk Worthy blowing Laird

Spunk Worthy says: Since doing the happy-ending massage video, Laird seems to be broadening his sexual horizons. Not quite 19 year old yet, that might not sound like much since almost everything is a “first” for him, but his curiosity is growing.

His girlfriend still doesn’t know he’s doing some porn on the side, or his gay buddy for that matter, but he confided in me that he’d watched some tranny porn recently which seems to be a fascination with a lot of curious str8 guys.

Strange as it might sound, it was because of his girlfriend that he got back in touch about doing a BJ scene, he wanted to get her a nice birthday present. At least that was the reason he told me; seemed that he might be wanting to treat himself while he was at it, though. Read the full story here

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Sean Duran has his face buried deep in Dominic Pacifico’s ass slurping and licking that sexy round ass

Extra Big Dicks says: Jace Chambers is cleaning up the workout area and Dominic Pacifico is coming in to get ready for his client. Based on Jace’s quick answers to his questions, Dominic suspects that something might have happened earlier. Jace leaves and as Dominic is getting things ready, Sean Duran shows up for his session.

Dominic helps him put on his boxing gloves and the two hit the bag with Sean hitting it hard. After a little while, Sean asks Dominic where his boyfriend is and Dominic tells him that he went home. Sean asks if they are open with each other and makes a move on Dominic.

Dominic does not resist and soon Sean has Dominic’s pants down and he is rimming his ass up against the punching bag. Sean has his face buried deep in Dominic’s ass slurping and licking that sexy round ass. After rimming Dominic for a few minutes he then starts to fuck him up against the punching bag. Read the full story here

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