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Men for Men Blog Rob-Bisset-Jacob-Dolce-big-twink-dick-gay-sex-deep-rimming-young-lad-hot-asshole-Staxus-001-gay-porn-pics-gallery After some deep rimming Rob Bisset starts to penetrate the young lad Jacob Dolce's hot asshole Staxus

Staxus says: Rob Bisset arrives for a rather unique casting, after talking about his life, past experience, and to his scene partner, Jacob Dolce, they both very eagerly get down to action.

As Jacob is already rock hard, Rob doesn’t think twice about getting his lips around his cock, before flipping the situation around so Jacob can try his. Read the full story here

Tattooed pup Beno Eker rides Ken Rollins’ huge bareback cock reverse-cowboy fucking him deep

Men for Men Blog up-and-cumming-sc-3-14001-gay-porn-pictures-gallery Tattooed pup Beno Eker rides Ken Rollins' huge bareback cock reverse-cowboy fucking him deep Staxus

Staxus says: Watching STAXUS models is one thing, it’s something we all love to do, but if you were a young, handsome dude like new boy, Ken Rollins, and you got the chance to travel to Prague to fuck them, would you say yes?

It’s a pretty easy question to answer, of course; and needless to report it’s a hot opportunity that results in him being teamed up with studio favourite, Beno Eker, for a horny session of boy-on-boy action that we know you’re gonna love. Read the full story here

Hot young black teen boy River Wilson big cock splits Ron Negba smooth white asshole

Men for Men Blog River-Wilson-Ron-Negba-interracial-hot-young-black-teen-boy-big-cock-smooth-white-asshole-Staxus-001-gay-porn-pictures-gallery Hot young black teen boy River Wilson big cock splits Ron Negba smooth white asshole Staxus

Staxus says: In an industry that is stereotyped by a surfeit of so-called young, dumb blonds, River Wilson stands out from the crowd. Not only is he striking to look at, sat here in nothing more than a pair of jocks, with a grin that stretches from ear to ear, but he’s also an articulate bastard; and you might almost feel an element of disappointment when Ron Negba enters the fray to bring Wilson’s monopoly to an end. Well, almost!

In reality, of course, Negba’s arrival underlines the contrast that serves as the heartbeat to this magnificent encounter; with their ebony and ivory flesh jostling for attention as they take it in turns to splurge on each other’s aching dicks. Read the full story here

Vittorio Vega’s hot boy ass fucked hard by Colin Horner’s huge twink dick

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Staxus says: It’s not just the French who can do sensuality and romance, as Brit boy, Drew Brooks, discovers when he observes the antics of horny locals, Vittorio Vega and Colin Horner during his time in Prague.

Supping tea together, these two buddies literally can’t hold back from touching each other; playing footsie together under the table, flicking suggestive glances at one another, and then finally heading to a private room to explore each other’s handsome bodies. Read the full story here

Alan Benfelen and Richie Hajek

Staxus says: Young Richie Hajek has clearly offended someone at the Staxus Academy prior to the start of this scene, given that he’s been given the task of cleaning the graffiti off the desks in one of the classrooms.
So it probably comes as a relief to the lad when Alan Benfelen arrives to help. Unfortunately for the lad, his mate’s idea of assistance is probably not what most folk would have in mind.
Instead of knuckling down to the task with a bit of hard elbow-grease, Benfelen is soon fooling around like an idle na’er-do-well, soaking Hajek in the process.
That, of course, naturally leads to the youngster having to strip off some of his uniform and the rest, as they say, is soon history.
Within seconds Benfelen has very eagerly pounced on his school-buddy’s dick, feasting on the handsome ramrod with the kind of enthusiasm you’d expect from a lad his age; and before long the move is being repeated in reverse.
Indeed, the whole sordid little escapade has a certain egalitarian feel to it, with every move from one pupil replicated by the other.
As such, it’s only fitting that it ultimately climaxes in a passionate flip-flop fuck; first Benfelen rimming and pounding Hajek’s open little pucker, then Hajek pummelling every inch of his raw knob deep into Benfelen’s ass over the desk in return.
By this stage, any thought of scrubbing off graffiti has long since been forgotten. Instead, both lads can think only of emptying their sacs of jizz Benfelen over his belly, Hajek over Benfelen’s face.
As school lessons go, this dirty little encounter is almost certainly one that both boys will long recall.

See Alan Benfelen and Richie Hajek here!   Staxus-Young-teenboy-Richie-Hajek-sexy-teen-lad-Alan-Benfelen-uniform-rimming-ass-fucking-big-boy-cock-sucking-002-tube-video-gay-porn-gallery-sexpics-photo