Sean Cody Robert jerks his huge muscle dick to a massive cumshot


Sean Cody says: Robert is a very sexually adventurous guy that was really excited about being on set.

“I don’t know why we hide it all behind close doors…lets do it all in public.” Robert comes to us from the south and had a smile on his face the whole time.

“Has anyone ever told you that you have an amazing ass?” “I get that once in a while!” He grinned. “Especially when I go out to gay bars with my friends., but hey a compliment is a compliment!”

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Cute sexy muscle stud Sean’s huge raw dick bareback fucks newbie hunk Dustin Rhodes’s tight bubble butt

Sean Cody says: Today we see sexy newbie stud Dustin Rhodes fresh after his home alone solo jerk off (here) which he garnered plenty of fans teamed up with horny hottie Sean.

Dustin is a keen mountain biker and loves to work outdoors in his garden. Sean hears on the grapevine that Dustin is a cute versatile young dude with a liking for garden gnomes.

Sean jokes, “Can’t wait to plant my gnome in your garden!” cracking himself up as well as Dustin.

Dustin’s likes and loves are “Nice big rough dicking.”

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Sean Cody says: Sexy young muscle boy Evan has a few tattoos about his gorgeous muscled body. As Evan slips down his board shorts his cute bubble butt comes into view. Fully naked his lightly hairy chest (shaved) and his very hairy legs come into view. Evan jerks his dick hard determined to spill his muscle cum load across his rippling six pack abs.


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Sean Cody Peyton jerks his big dick and bends over showing his hairy asshole

Sean Cody says: West Coast hottie, Peyton, plays a lot of sports, which comes as no surprise looking at his lean body…but there’s more to Peyton than meets the eye, especially when he takes his shorts off.

See Sean Cody Peyton jerks his big dick and bends over showing his hairy asshole here!


[This post contains video, click to play]

Watch FULL MOVIE here!

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Hottie young muscle dude Sean Cody Dale’s hot hole bare fucked by Cody Seiya’s big thick cock

Sean Cody says: We kept it a secret as long as we could, but Dale’s partner for his first scene back at Sean Cody is… Cody Seiya.

And the funny and flexible hunk is super excited about it.

Dale says, “I was driving up behind him and he jumped out of the car and I was like, ‘SHUT UP. Yes! Yes!’”

Cody is just as thrilled to be paired with Dale: “Dale is SO hot.

So handsome, so built, I’m really excited to just hang out with you today.”

The chemistry between these two is palpable as they cuddle, and they decide who gets to top first with a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

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Top muscle stud Dean’s huge thick dick bareback fucks bearded young hunk Dax’s hot bubble butt

Sean Cody says: It’s been a couple years since Dean made a visit to the studio, but he and his abs are back.

Dean’s excited to work with new bottom Dax, and although Dax is looking forward to taking Dean’s big dick, he’s keeping pretty quiet about it.

The bearded cutie jokes, “I’m camera-shy.

My asshole isn’t, but I am!” The guys compare their handstand skills and Dean shows off with a backflip before they head into the bedroom and get naked.

Dean rims Dax and gets him ready for his big cock, slowly penetrating him in doggy-style.

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Sean Cody’s Ollie hardcore raw ass fucking Pete till his bare dick is sore


Sean Cody says: Dark haired muscle boy Ollie gets his big hard cock sucked, balls deep by blond muscled stud Pete. Sexy Ollie then turns his attention to Pete’s bubble butt asshole.

Parting Pete’s ass cheeks Ollie gets his tongue deep into Pete’s tight pink man hole. Rimming him deep till he’s all lubed up and ready for a good ass fucking.

Pete relaxes a little as Ollie presses his huge dick deep into Pete’s asshole. The look on Pete’s face shows he really needed this bareback ass banging.

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Sean Cody’s Landon and Duncan bareback ass fucking


Sean Cody says: Sexy young muscle stud Duncan chokes down hunky muscle boy Landon’s huge black cock. Once fully erect Landon pushes his big raw dick tightly between Duncan’s pale smooth bubble butt ask cheeks.

Landon bareback fucks Duncan’s tight man hole hard and deep, swapping positions a number of times before both guys are on the edge of orgasm.

In short succession both Landon and Duncan shoot their cum, emptying their balls over each other. A hot interracial gay bareback fuck session.


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