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Sean Cody

Two sexy studs Gino and Lane boxing before stripping and bareback hardcore ass fucking

Hot muscle hunks Gino and Lane big raw ass fucking!…… Sean Cody says: Two sexy studs boxing on a hot summer day? I’ll take it. Lane returns with Sean Cody-newbie Gino and lets him fuck his beautiful tight hole. Who would have known Gino could be such a power top? These boys are taking us […]

Sean Cody

Young ripped muscle stud Sly bareback fucks Blake’s hot raw asshole

Sly takes Blake’s sun-kissed ass for a nice bareback ride with his throbbing uncut cock!…… Sean Cody says: Spring has sprung but these boys are bringing us some serious summer heat. In his first ever Sean Cody duo, Sly takes Blake’s sun-kissed ass for a nice bareback ride with his throbbing uncut cock… a sexy […]

Sean Cody

Sexy young ripped muscle boys Daniel and Asher bareback big raw cock ass fucking

Hot barebacking Daniel and Asher fucking raw asshole!…… Sean Cody says: Deacon’s out of town and it looks like his boyfriend has tapped into his naughty side. Pairing up with Sean Cody favorite Daniel, Asher experiences sex for the first time without his man, feeling every inch of Daniel’s big rod. A hard cock mixed […]

Sean Cody

Dean and Porter bareback fucking

Dean gets his raw dick deeper and deeper into Porter’s ass hole!…… Sean Cody says: Sexy young muscle hunk Dean slips his bare cock deep into Porter’s tight muscle butt. Dean bareback fucks Porter changing sexual positions often to get his raw dick deeper and deeper into Porter’s ass hole. The hardcore fucking continues apace […]

Sean Cody

Sean Cody Joe gets his tight muscled asshole bareback fucked by Sean’s big raw cock

Sean asks Joe – you know I have a big dick, right!…… Sean Cody says: “You know I have a big dick, right?” Sean set the mood for the rest of the day, and Joe laughed nervously. “Oh shit.” Even though there was a bit of nervousness, he was confident that he could take it. […]

Sean Cody

Donny gets into the swing of bareback fucking his first guy Perry ain’t complaining

Perry kneels on the floor taking Donny’s huge cock deep to the back of his throat!…… Sean Cody says: Sexy young muscle boy Perry and young ripped muscle dude Donny kiss passionately as they stand waist naked their cocks already hardening in their board shorts. Perry kneels on the floor taking Donny’s huge cock deep […]

Sean Cody

Young hairy chested muscle hunk Judas strips naked and jerks his big dick

Judas is a buff hunk with a hairy chest and an impressively huge dick!…… Sean Cody says: Judas is a buff hunk, with a hairy chest and an impressive dick. “It’s nothing extreme…you get what you see, so I’d like to think it’s average or above average.” Now now Judas, don’t be modest. Not only […]

Sean Cody

Hot naked muscle boys Landon, Deacon and Asher bareback ass fucking threesome

Landon fucks both Deacon and Asher’s bare asses with his huge raw muscled dick!…… Sean Cody says: Deacon and Asher had so much fun last time that they had to come back for some more threesome action this time with hottie Landon. The sexy couple were ready for some dick, and Landon was excited but […]

Sean Cody

Sexy young muscle dudes Dillan bareback fucks Randy’s raw bubble butt ass hole

Randy’s bare ass take the full length of younger muscle stud Dillan’s huge raw cock!…… Sean Cody says: As Dillan and Randy played around skateboarding and joking around, playful touching quickly turned into wanting something more Dillan takes Randy straight to pound town, where both studs blow their hot loads all over each other. See […]

Sean Cody

Sean Cody sexy black naked muscle hunk Edison jerks his huge ebony dick

I heard I heard Edison has a big dick, Yeah, it’s fucken enormous…… Sean Cody says: Edison is really sexy. He has an amazing body, and works out every day it definitely shows! “I heard you have a big dick, is that true?” Curiosity took over. “Yeah, it’s fucken enormous.” No shame for Edison. He’s […]

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