Tanner Hall and Ryan Jacobs take turns getting fucked by new stud Finn Harding’s huge thick dick

Men.com says: Tanner Hall brings home his boyfriend, Ryan Jacobs, for a visit to his sick dad, but the horny couple are more interested in getting to know hot healthcare worker Finn Harding.

Finn flirts with Tanner but snubs Ryan, then takes a break to sneakily stroke his cock on the couch.

Tanner catches him and gets under a blanket to suck him, encouraging Ryan to crawl over and take a turn blowing the sexy uncut top.

When Finn catches them, they hatch a new plan to have Ryan hide under a blanket and get raw fucked.

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Hairy big muscle hunk Markus Kage’s hot bubble butt bare fucked by Sunny D’s huge thick raw dick

Men.com says: When musician Markus Kage comes into Sunny D’s repair shop, rudely snapping his fingers for service, it doesn’t make the mechanic inclined to drop everything to fix his tour bus.

Markus swallows his pride and gets down on his knees, and soon he’s swallowing Sunny’s dick.

Sunny forces Markus up against a car and he sucks his cock, then turns him around and penetrates his hole doggy style.

The mechanic lies down on his creeper so the bottom can ride him, then pushes up Markus’s legs to fuck him missionary, making the bottom nut.

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Hot gay anal orgy Thyle Knoxx, Sean Peek, Malik Delgaty and Dex Parker hardcore big dick fuck fest

Men.com says: After Thyle Knoxx and Dex Parker get caught spying on Malik Delgaty and Sean Peek, Malik tells them to get their clothes off, because it’s time for round two.

He has the three bottoms bend over on the bed and inspects their holes with a magnifying glass, but he can’t decide which is his favorite, so he oils up their asses and fingers them.

Malik chooses Thyle to penetrate first, lying down between the other two and telling the cute bottom to ride him.

Then Malik stacks the three asses and gives them each his huge cock in turn.

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Men hottie young hunk Sean Peek’s tight bubble ass fucked in missionary by Malik Delgaty’s huge muscle cock

Men.com says: Sean Peek has regaled his friends Thyle and Dex with how hot his new roommate, Malik Delgaty, is, but instead of letting them meet him, he has them secretly spy on Malik as he does pushups in nothing but his little shorts.

The guys hide in a closet as Sean pulls out his “exercise equipment” a bouncy ball equipped with a dildo.

Malik stares as Sean sucks the toy and then slides it into his hole, bouncing around in front of the muscular top and sucking his cock.

The guys who have hidden in the closet stroke each other’s cocks as they watch their friend get fucked doggy style.

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Sexy ripped muscle stud Benjamin Blue’s huge thick raw dick bareback fucking young hunk Edward Terrant’s hot hole

Men.com says: Benjamin Blue gets revenge when his roommate Edward Terrant interrupts his TV watching with a loud video call by pouring a beverage over his head.

Already annoyed, Edward grumbles when he goes to put his soaked clothes in the dryer and finds it’s still full of Benjamin’s last load.

Benjamin spots his naked roommate on all fours with his tempting ass poking out of the dryer, so he quickly undresses, sneaks up behind him, and fucks him doggy style.

All Edward’s annoyance at his roommate evaporates when he gets that hard cock, and he sucks Benjamin’s dick, then hops up on the washer to get fucked mish with his legs over the top’s shoulders.

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Men hot muscle stud Klein Kerr’s hot asshole bareback fucked by sexy stud Rico Vega’s big thick cock

Men.com says: There’s nothing hotter than a sharp-dressed man, as Rico Vega realizes while watching his boyfriend Klein Kerr don a crisp white shirt and sharp tailored blazer.

Rico rubs his cock, then lets his robe slip off and grinds his ass against Klein’s bulge.

The top realizes he doesn’t have to go out just yet and runs his hands all over his tattooed boyfriend’s body, kissing him passionately.

Rico unfastens Klein’s belt and drops to his knees to suck his cock, then gets on the bed on all fours as Klein rims him.

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Horny muscular roomate Sean Cody Jax’s huge thick dick bareback fucks young blonde Theo Brady’s hot boy hole

Men.com says: Horny young blonde stud Theo Brady fancies his big muscular roomie, Jax but Jax tells him he is adamant he doesn’t fuck around with roommates.

Undeterred Theo gets an idea from the internet and using a deep fake face changing app he changes his face to that one of Jax’s Sean Cody costar’s Archie.

Theo then sends him a message as Archie asking Jax to come and fuck him again.

Jax gets totally horned out and rushes over to Theo’s room finding him lying in wait face down with his bare ass available for the taking.

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Hottie young twink Joey Mills’s tight boy hole bare fucked by ripped muscle stud Reese Rideout’s huge thick dick

Men.com says: Its panic stations at the airport as sexy young twink Joey Mills and his ‘girlfriend’ rush up to the gate to be met by horny ripped hunk Reese Rideout the always smiling customer service agent.

“You’re late!”, announces Reese as he winks at Joey.

“I’m sorry but you’ve missed the flight,” happy that he gets to flirt with Joey for a while longer now.

As the GF makes for a seat with her eye mask on, Joey gets behind the counter on his knees with his lips wrapped around Reece’s hung thick dick.

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Dr Alex Mecum’s hot bubble ass bare fucked by big young muscled hunk Malik Delgaty’s huge thick dick

Men.com says: It’s trauma central at the hospital where are very straight acting Malik Delgaty is comforting his ‘wife’ who is in labor and about to have a baby.

Doctor Alex Mecum is the Obstetrician who arrives to calm the frayed nerves.

The trouble starts when as Malik steps out to get some fresh air he catches sight of Dr. Alex’s hot bare butt under his scrubs.

As Dr. Alex instructs his charge to breathe deeply hung Malik is rubbing his huge erect cock up and down Dr Alex’s ass crack.

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Sexy young punk Dex Parker’s huge twink dick bare fucks hottie stud Marco Bianchi’s tight ass

Men.com says: Groupie Marco Bianchi sneaks backstage to try to impress his favorite band with his guitar skills, but instead he’s discovered by roadie Dex Parker.

Marco offers Dex a blowjob in exchange for the chance to meet the band, and although Dex is just one of the crew, he’s got a rockstar cock.

The guys sneak off to the dressing room, where Dex fucks Marco doggy style, then the bottom rides the roadie.

Dex pushes Marco up against a crate to fuck his hole piledriver, then lays him on top of it to pound the bottom till he cums.

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