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Sexy gay porn star Ryan Rose fucks Rylan Knox’s tight muscle asshole


Falcon Studios says: Rylan Knox is giving Ryan Rose a lap dance out by the pool, and Ryan’s hands are already squeezing Rylan’s taut ass beneath his swimsuit. Rylan turns around and swallows Ryan’s massive member for an epic blowjob that has Ryan writhing in ecstasy.

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Falcon Studios – Micah Brandt fucked by Tate Tyder’s ass splitting cock

Falcon Studios says: It’s a zen weekend at the Falcon ranch and flanked by a statue of Buddha, the modelesque Micah Brandt is in the meditation room getting centered. It’s a good thing too, as although young Micah does not yet know it he is about to come face to face with the handsome Tate Ryder, who is going to rock his world, just a little.

When Tate strides in, his green eyes are fixed on Micha’s ripped black body in all it’s glorious nakedness and he manages to cast an immediate spell on Micah. Micha is truly enchanted by Tate’s charms not least the thought of his great big, steely rod. As is well known Tate has a huge cock and it is pointing in Micha’s direction.

Tate gets it centered between Micha’s lips and right down his willing throat, and he face fucks the choking cocksucker with speedy, hard, deep thrusts of his hips. He slaps Micah’s perfectly round bubble butt with a loud crack, as he slips a finger or two into his warm inviting manhole. Slowly he snakes his thick cock inside the smoldering depths of Micah’s bronzed bubble ass.

As we already know Tate is a bit of a fuck machine, excavating Micah’s hole with his ass splitting cock. Fucking Micah hard and deep, Tate makes Micha moan and gasp out loud as he plows such a mean power fuck. The hot couple fuck for hours with no let up in Tate’s anal pummeling until both sexy guys exploded in a fit of orgasm the like of which one rarely sees in real life or on the small screen. There are literally buckets of cum spurting out of both of their cocks.

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Brent Corrigan and Brian Bonds

Falcon Studios says: Brent Corrigan gets down on his knees to service Brian Bonds’ cock and balls, and Brian returns the favor and adds a finger up Brent’s hole.
Brian blows his load across Brent’s ass and licks it up; Brent unleashes giant ropes of cum that fly across Brian’s face.

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Ashton Weber and Bobby Hart

falcon studios  Ashton Weber and Bobby Hart

Falcon Studios says: Ashton Weber is on his back when Bobby Hart slides his hefty meat into Ashton’s hole. That triggers two orgasms, with Bobby’s cock pumping out waves of jism that cascade down his hand and cock. Ashton squirts a distance across Bobby’s belly but saving the last few delicious drops for Bobby’s mouth.

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Sebastian Kross plays with Colton Grey’s ass before fucking him


Falcon Studios says: Sebastian Kross and Colton Grey are gearing up to fuck. Their tongues and lips explore each other’s writhing bodies.

Colton’s assless briefs make it obvious he’s here to get fucked. Stripping off Sebastian’s shorts, Colton helps himself to a face full of hard cock.

As Colton starts sucking on Sebastian’s tool, Sebastian’s hips buck reflexively and Colton clenches his sphincter muscles in anticipation. Sebastian plays with Colton’s ass before fucking him.

Bending Colton over a table, Sebastian enters him from behind and drills him with an unrestrained pounding. Sebastian flips him over so Colton can enjoy stroking himself as they both build to orgasm.

Colton uses his mouth to summon Sebastian’s massive load, and Colton swallows hungrily as his own cum shoots on his ripped abs.


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