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Raging Stallion

Seeing Spencer Whitman huge cock ass fucking Sean Knight works Hans Berlin into a frenzy

Hans Berlin and Spencer Whitman swap positions as Sean Knight is fucked hard and deep!…… Raging Stallion says: Hans Berlin, Spencer Whitman, and Sean Knight are horned up and ready for all the cock and ass they can get. The three make out in a circle until Sean caves to his desires and gets on […]

Raging Stallion

Giovanni Valentino slips his big cock inside the hairy hunk Tegan Zayne and pumps away

Tegan Zayne takes Giovanni Valentino’s big monster cock down his throat!…… Raging Stallion says: Tegan Zayne gets on his knees to take Giovanni Valentino’s big monster cock down his throat. It’s a tight fit but Tegan manages to get it all down as he chokes and gags and slobbers all over the girthy member. Giovanni […]

Raging Stallion

Adrian Toledo and Axel Brooks

Axel Brooks tongues Arian Toledo! Raging Stallion says: Axel Brooks hauls Adrian Toledo to his feet, biting the cheeks of his ass and plunging his tongue into Adrian’s smooth hole, outlined by the black straps of his jockstrap. Axel cums in Adrian’s face and spreads it with his cock.

Raging Stallion

Kurtis Wolfe offers up his hairy hole Sergeant Miles tongue rimming his asshole deep

Sergeant Miles’ huge cock goes balls deep as Kurtis Wolfe enjoys every thrust!…… Raging Stallion says: Kurtis Wolfe and Sergeant Miles are making out as their hard, hairy dicks throb and rub against each other. ‘You’re so hot,’ Kurtis says, to which Sergeant replies ‘Just shut up!’ That’s Kurtis’ cue to get on his knees […]

Raging Stallion

Derek Bolt and Daymin Voss both rim Kurtis Wolfe’s hot bubble butt asshole

Kurtis Wolfe gets on his knees and takes turns servicing the two hung muscle hunks Derek Bolt and Daymin Voss!…… Raging Stallion says: Daymin Voss walks in on Derek Bolt and Kurtis Wolfe making out in police headquarters. Their lowered inhibitions lead to a hot confession and Derek taking on both hung studs. Kurtis gets […]

Raging Stallion

Hot tattoo hunk Daymin Voss sucks down hard on Damian Taylor’s huge muscled dick

Hairy muscle studs Daymin Voss and Damian Taylor hardcore ass fucking!…… Raging Stallion says: Vice cop Damian Taylor is at police headquarters with detective Daymin Voss. Daymin tells Damian that he ‘wants to do gay shit’ with him. Damian takes his fellow blue brother up on the offer and frantically unbuckles the detective’s belt to […]

Raging Stallion

Colby Keller slides his huge throbbing dick deep into Damian Taylor’s tight furry ass hole

Colby Keller wants control and bends Damian Taylor over the bench to pound his ass from behind!…… Raging Stallion says: Damian Taylor is part of Vice and he has his perp, Colby Keller, behind bars. Colby won’t nark unless he gets a taste of Damian’s dick. Colby gets on his knees to suck and does […]

Raging Stallion

Hector de Silva uses his tongue to rim Adam Ramzi’s hairy butt hole till he’s ready for his huge dick

Hairy chested hunk Adam Ramzi sucks down hard on Hector de Silva big erect cock!…… Raging Stallion says: Adam Ramzi is relaxing in the sauna when Hector de Silva enters and drops his towel. Adam notices instantly and the hunks lock eyes. The studs get down to business and start making out as their dicks […]

Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion – Max Marshall fucks with bearded, pierced and tattooed Derek Parker

You can smell the testosterone! Raging Stallion – Max Marshall fucks with bearded, pierced and tattooed Derek Parker   Raging Stallionsays: Lust, rain o’er me. Toned and tall Max Marshall can’t resist a muscular and masculine stripper, so bearded, pierced and tattooed Derek Parker is just what the doctor ordered. Get Max Marshall fucks Derek […]

Raging Stallion

Hot sexy hunk Pierce Paris grabs a riding crop spanking Rikk York’s round hairy ass

Pierce Paris’ huge cock fucks Rikk York’s asshole as he rocks to and fro in the sling!…… Raging Stallion says: Pierce Paris is waiting patiently in the dungeon next to the sling when Rikk York enters his lair. Pierce likes what he sees in the hairy stud and takes control as he cuffs Rikk’s hands […]

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