Intrigue plows Brooks Adams’ ass hard till he blows a double nut cum shower

Reality Dudes says: Just our luck, Intrigue got kicked out of the military just in time to join Brooks Adams for a fuckathon.

Brooks is attracted to everybody as long as they have a dick or a strap on, so there’s no doubt he’ll be satisfied by big dick babe Intrigue.

After plowing his ass hard, Intrigue treats Brooks to a double nut cum shower.

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Jimmy and William suck rim and flip fuck in the local public bar

Reality Dudes says: Every bartender deserves a barback like this. Someone eager to suck, rim and flip fuck despite how many customers are around.

Taking a break from slinging drinks for a moment gives these two babes, Jimmy and William, the opportunity to cum hard, no matter the consequences.

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Hot young dudes Cade Maddox and Gabriel Isaacs caught out fucking in public

Reality Dudes says: Cade Maddox and Gabriel Isaacs can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to satisfying their “public needs”.

After being caught twice, they find a little corner to finally get it on. The two waste no time going down on each other’s big dicks before Cade decides to plunge his massive cock deep inside Gabriel’s tight ass.

The rest will definitely leave you wanting more.

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Straight hunk Ashland gives up his perfect bubble ass to a big dick for cash

Reality Dudes says: I’m out here taking a walk in the park and I spot this good-looking guy sitting on a bench. His name is Ashland and he’s just my type.

His body is so well built and I can see his perfect bubble butt, so of course, I had to ask him for an up close and personal view. He didn’t want to take the cash, but he was so easily persuaded.

As a matter of fact, he bargained me up for some extra cash and happily flashed his spread cheeks and asshole.

It was just a matter of time before I got him into a room and had him going up and down on a dildo, getting that tight hole open for my big dick to finish the job.

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Brent Walker, Brogan Reed and Justin Dickson hardcore big cock spit roasting anal

Reality Dudes says: Butts are in full bloom in this flower shop and method of payment is highly negotiable.

Justin Dickson sees something special in Brent Walker who is the last patron on of the night.

But the action is too hot for only 2 guys. Co-worker Brogan Reed is invited to join for a steamy cum soaked three way.

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Manuel Skye and Kit get down to some balls deep cocksucking in the massage waiting room

Reality Dudes says: Why miss out on an opportunity to get some quick and dirty action? Manuel Skye and Kit make the most of their time while waiting for a massage by blowing each other right in the waiting room.

Manuel and Kit keep getting more and more bold, taking things to the next level while staff and patrons remain oblivious.

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Hardcore ass fucking threesome Leon Lewis, Titus and Zane big cock sucking

Reality Dudes says: Special delivery. We’ve all heard of Dick In A Box.

Today we get Titus In A Box. The guys take turns fucking his sweet ass raw, but it doesn’t end there.

This box is full of surprises and Titus is downright cock hungry.

Make sure to watch until the sticky sweet conclusion, when Titus turns into a full cum slut. Starring Titus, Zane and Leon Lewis.

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Sexy nude dudes Alex Fortin and Thyle hardcore ass fucking

Reality Dudes says: This garage is about to get lit. Alex Fortin is busy repairing a motorcycle, but Thyle insists it’s his body that needs a work over. While the coast is clear, these hard bodied babes get down to sucking and fucking.

And when another mechanic shows up they see no reason to stop. How long can they get away with this greasy garage fuck? You’re sure to blow your load before you find out.

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Carter Michaels and Gavin Taylor hardcore ass fucking

Reality Dudes says: Carter Michaels is getting this party started and Gavin Taylor is invited. The bar-keep isn’t too keen on hosting a fuck fest but these two can’t contain themselves.

The party isn’t over until Carter and Gavin’s cum-lust is satiated. This bar’s patron’s will have some juicy stories to tell.

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Reality Dudes sweet southern boy strips and jerks his big dick then gets fucked

Reality Dudes says: Jackson is a sweet southern boy with a cute face and a runner’s body. But don’t let his shyness fool you, Jackson drives a hard bargain.

It was definitely worth the extra time it took to convince him to loosen up for me. His inhibitions dropped once the money started flowing and when we were in private he and his big dick were all mine.

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