Straight off base USMC Sergeants and best battle-buddies Dane and Jack suck and fuck till they both orgasm

Straight Off Base says: Straight off base, USMC Sergeants and best battle-buddies, Dane and Jack, drop by for some well-deserved bromance action after a long week of training in the field.

These Marine studs get right down to business with a long session of kissing leading to Jack swallowing Dane’s thick and throbbing cock while looking up at Dane’s pleasure-filled face.

Sgt. Jack gets Dane to spread his beefy, muscular legs so his tongue can get better access to Dane’s tight manhole.

They re-position themselves on the couch and Jack slowly inserts his thick and veiny cock into Dane for a good pounding.

Then it’s Sgt. Dane’s turn to return the favor by fucking Jack’s tight, hairy ass until they both blow their cum loads.

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